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Parent Resources

We look forward to working with parents to prepare your student for a compelling, academic experience. Our program creates opportunities for your student to make enduring friendships across the country and the world. We understand that parents/guardians have their own set of questions and hope to address those questions and concerns below.


Partial Scholarships are available.  For more information and the financial aid application, please visit our  Costs & Scholarship page.


Once the student is accepted to the program, the non-refundable enrollment deposit secures enrollment and counts towards the total cost of the program.  For more information, review payments and deposit instructions

Bill Pay Information

Beginning in mid-April, tuition and fee charges will post to the student's OPUS account after enrollment.  All of the charges will not post at the same time. Be sure to check the account periodically for updated balance information. All tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the student's program session. For more information, review payments and bill pay instructions.



Please Note

ALL PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM TUITION AND FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY the dates below to avoid late fees and interest charges.  

  • Pre-College - due June 1st  (if your student is accepted after June 1, the tuition and fees must be paid in full within five business days after notification of enrollment)
  • Summer College Session 1 – due May 8 
  • Summer College Session 2 – due June 20 

Emory University does not send out bills and does not accept credit cards for bill payment.

To make a payment you will need your bank account or wire transfer information in order to complete the transaction.

Below is a compiled list of campus resources that students or parents might need during the Pre-College or Summer College Programs. In order to better answer your question or issue, please try to determine which department to use based on your inquiry.

DepartmentPurposeContact Information
Pre-College Office
  • Deposit payment
  • Financial Aid
  • Enrollment
Student Tech SupportOPUS Login Assistance
(student must call)
Student Accounts & Billing OfficeBill pay in OPUS
RegistrarTranscript Requests
Student HealthImmunization Compliance
(patient portal)


Shipping Packages

Use the address below for sending packages. Please use FedEx or UPS for sending packages.  Do not use the US Postal Service. It can take up to 7 business days to receive packages in our office.


Jessica Fisher
ATTN: Emory Pre-College
{ Student's Name }
2 Eagle Row NE
Atlanta, GA 30322


How do we choose the best program for our student?
Review 'Program Comparison' for information and to determine which path is right for your student.
Will this affect my student’s GPA for college?
Only credit-bearing courses will affect a student’s college GPA. The Summer College Program courses receive letter grades. The Pre-College Program courses are noncredit and receive Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades.


Are scholarships available?
Partial Scholarships are available. Information about financial aid and creative funding ideas can be found in the Costs & Scholarships section of this site.
How do I pay the remaining tuition and fees?
Account balances are on the student’s Emory OPUS account, which is accessible using the student’s Emory NetID and password.Emory University does not accept credit card payments for tuition and fee payments. Billing statements are not mailed. Refer to Emory NetID and Password Retrieval Instructions and Bill Pay Instructions.
How do I pay the deposit?
Paying online is the fastest method of payment and will speed up enrollment. You can pay using a credit card, checking account (via ACH), or wire transfer. Refer to the Deposit Instructions for detailed information.
If I have applied for financial aid, should I deposit before I hear about my award?
If you are relying on financial aid to attend the program, do not pay the deposit before you receive your financial aid award. The deposit is non-refundable. Remember that classes fill quickly.