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Costs & Scholarships

Fees & Enrollment Deposit

Table showing cost and fees for each program and residential status
 * Session A, B & C (Residential)CommuterOnline
6-weeks (3 credits)N/A$5,784$5,797
6-weeks (4 credits)N/A$7,657$7,670
Lab: $25, $50 or $75 for select courses; refer to full course descriptions

Books: Varies up to $50

All online course tuition rates include $75 Technology Fee. Credit-bearing courses include Health & Wellness Fees. 

* View more information about residential and commuter options 

Application Fee: $70

Fee is waived for returning Pre-College students and foundation scholars.


Enrollment Deposit: $350

Payable upon acceptance to program, secures enrollment and counts towards the total cost of the program.


View the refund policy 


enrollment Deposit

You can pay using a credit card, checking account (via ACH), or wire transfer. Refer to our Deposit Instructions or International Flywire Deposit Instructions for detailed information.

Please note: If you are relying on financial aid to attend the program, do not pay the enrollment deposit before you receive your financial aid award. The deposit is non-refundable. However, keep in mind that our classes tend to fill quickly.

Tuition Payment

Account balances are on the student's Emory OPUS account, which is accessible using the student's Emory NetID and password. Emory University does not accept credit card payments for tuition and fee payments. Billing statements are not mailed. Refer to the Bill Pay Instructions for detailed information.



Please Note

ALL PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM TUITION AND FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY the dates below to avoid late fees and interest charges.  

  • Pre-College - due June 1st  (if your student is accepted after June 1, the tuition and fees must be paid in full within five business days after notification of enrollment)
  • Summer College Session 1 – due May 8 
  • Summer College Session 2 – due June 20 

Emory University does not send out bills and does not accept credit cards for bill payment.

To make a payment you will need your bank account or wire transfer information in order to complete the transaction.

Financial Aid

-- Only accepted students can apply for financial aid. Once accepted, students can find the financial aid applications in their Pre-College application. --
Financial Aid application Deadline: May 1


  • U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents
  • International students are NOT eligible
  • Must complete and submit all application items including the $70 application fee
  • Must complete the Pre-College Financial Aid application and submit parent's current tax return

Review Criteria

  • Demonstrated financial need is primary consideration
  • Academic merit is secondary consideration
  • Grade point average, test scores, and faculty/guidance counselor recommendation are considered
  • Financial Aid applications are reviewed upon acceptance into the program


  • Full tuition scholarships are not awarded
  • Award amounts will vary and cover a portion of tuition
  • Awards are granted on a rolling basis
  • Award notifications are emailed to applicants
  • Award acceptances must be returned by email
  • Scholarships are not affiliated with FAFSA or other financial institution

Courtesy Scholarship

Dependents of Emory University employees may be eligible for the Emory Employee Courtesy Scholarship.

  • ONLY applies to the 6 week credit course tuition – college fees are NOT covered
  • Determine eligibility through Human Resources Benefits
  • Does NOT apply towards noncredit course tuition

Alternative Funding

Foundation Partnerships

Work with Emory Pre-College Program. Some work with local students while others work with students on a national level. Offer financial support and ongoing relationship through the Pre-College application process


  • State your purpose clearly
  • Draft a statement explaining your long-term academic/career goals and why the Emory Pre-College Program will help you achieve them
  • Describe the Pre-College course you hope to take and share our website address and program information
  • State the amount you wish to raise and the progress you've made in your campaign
  • Always remember to write a thank-you note when you receive a donation

There is no one magic formula. A combination of creativity and effort will often yield positive results. Once students move past their initial hesitation to ask, they find that people, organizations and communities are remarkably willing to join them in their mission to make Pre-College happen

Grassroots Campaigns

Here are some suggestions that students have used for grassroots fundraising campaigns of their own.

  • Letter writing to friends, family, employers, local businesses and churches.
  • Social media to spread the word.
  • Research civic organizations, such as Rotary and Kiwanis, for financial support.
  • Check with your school's student clubs and consider modeling activities they use to raise money.


With great effort and planning, students can raise money through websites designed to help fundraise. Sharing your story and why the program is important to you will encourage others, including those you don't know, to support your mission. Start early and remember to share your fundraising efforts with your friends and family. Consistently use social media to spread the word.