Course Interest Guide

Each subject falls into an academic category such as Pre-Health, STEM/Sciences, Pre-Professional, Social Science and Humanities/Writing. For example, you can find the subject of Biology under the Pre-Health academic category.

 The purpose of this guide is to search courses by your favorite subject.

  1. Start by clicking on the subject of interest to you, for example Psychology.
  2. You will see program search results showing sessions in which Psychology is offered.
  3. Click on the session you prefer.
  4. You will be directed to a program brochure.
  5. Review the Overview page for further instructions.
  6. The tabs on the Program Brochure correspond to the Academic Categories on this page.

This table shows Academic Categories, Subjects, and Courses.

Academic Category


Pre-College Courses



Biology, Genetics, Physiology, Public Health

Advances in Cardiovascular Medicine & Technology
Cancer: The Biology Behind the Disease
Exploring the World of RNA Therapeutics
Genetics & Biotechnology
Issues in Community & Global Health
Human Physiology
Medical Microbiology


ChemistryComputer Science,NeuroscienceBiology

Biochemistry: The Molecular Machines Within Us
Curiosities of Neurology & Neuroscience
Infectious Diseases: Causes & Cures
Programming Essentials with Python & Turtle Graphics
The Biology of Animal Behavior


 Business, Law

Intro to Branding & Marketing
Intro to Business: Essential Concepts for Executives
Law & Advocacy in Modern America

Social Sciences


English, Psychology, Sociology

Abnormal Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Data Literacy: Statistics & Storytelling
Human Society & Social Behavior

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