Online Courses

Online courses are open to advanced high school students who demonstrate the ability to work independently, have previous experience and success in an online learning environment and are ready to engage in a challenging college-level experience with Emory undergraduates.

The following 12 online courses will be available in Summer College for high school students, with limited space available in each course. Click on each session to review course descriptions.


SESSION 1: May 20 - June 28, 2019                  

Anthropology 207: Foundations of Development Studies

FILM 270: Introduction to Film

Italian 101: Elementary Italian I

Korean 101: Elementary Korean I

Religion 209: History of Religions in America     

Theater 215: History of Drama & Theater I


SESSION 2: July 1 - August 9, 2019

Chinese 370W: Noodles Narratives

Environmental Sciences 239: Physical Oceanography

History 241W: History and Text: Intimacy and Terror in Stalin's Russia

Italian 102: Elementary Italian II

Korean 102: Elementary Korean II

Theater 340: Arts Writing and Criticism


Emory College Online summer courses have required synchronous sessions every week.  Students must be available to sign into the course online during those times (noted as the course meeting times- all times listed are local to Atlanta).  During this class meeting time you will engage with your professor and classmates through discussion, small group exercises, and more to enhance your learning and understanding.  

Each course also involves at least 3-4 hours of asynchronous course content per week (this is material that you access online on your own time weekly) in addition to standard amounts of readings and course assignments.  Students should plan accordingly.

Whether you have other summer obligations to work around or you wish to study from your hometown, Emory College Online summer courses may provide a flexible solution to your academic needs.  Students with a strong academic record and profile are encouraged to apply or to consult with our program about whether these courses might be a good fit for you.