Session 2

Emory Pre-College students may enroll alongside Emory undergraduates in a variety of six-week undergraduate courses for credit. Pre-College students will earn three or four hours of college credit for each of the following courses.

Pre-College six-week students are subject to the same academic and attendance requirements as Emory undergraduates. This is the beginning of your college academic record, which includes a permanent college g.p.a. and college transcript. This transcript will have to be submitted when you apply for college.

ARTVIS105: Introduction to Painting4hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 1:00pmTuThKieran Moore
CHN370W/ITAL370W (ONLINE): Noodle Narratives4hrs July 1 - August 97:30pm - 9:00pmMThRistaino, Christine Li, Hong
CS171: Introduction to Computer Science II3hrs July 1 - August 98:30am - 9:50amM-FSteve La Fleur
CS224: Discrete Structures3hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 11:20amM-FSteven La Fleur
DANC229: Introduction to Dance3hrs July 1 - August 911:30am - 12:50pmM-FSally Radell
ECON309W: Contemporary Economic Issues4hrs July 1 - August 92:30pm - 4:45pmMWFKaushik Mukhopadhaya
ENGCW378RW: Screenwriting4hrs July 1 - August 91:40pm - 5:00pmMWMichael Lucker
ENVS239 (ONLINE): Physical Oceanography3hrs July 1 - August 94:00pm - 5:30pmTuThShaunna Donaher
FREN102: Elementary French II4hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 11:20amM-F TBD
HIST241W (ONLINE): Topics in History and Text; Intimacy and Terror4hrs July 1 - August 910:30am - 11:30amMWFMatthew Payne
ITAL102 (ONLINE): Elementary Italian II5hrs July 1 - August 98:30am - 10:15amTuWThAngela Porcarelli
KRN102 (ONLINE): Elementary Korean II4hrs July 1 - August 98:00am - 10:00amMThKim Binna
MATH111: Calculus I3hrs July 1 - August 98:30am - 9:50amM-FChristina Lee
MATH112: Calculus II3hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 11:20amM-FCorsi Livia
MATH211: Multivariable Calculus3hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 11:20amM-FChristina Lee
MATH212: Differential Equations3hrs July 1 - August 911:30am - 12:50pmM-FWarren Shull
PHIL118: Introduction to Business Ethics4hrs July 1 - August 911:30am - 12:50pmM-F TBD
PHIL133: Philosophy of Film4hrs July 1 - August 91:00pm - 2:20pmM-F TBD
PHYS116: Introduction to Astronomy w/Lab4hrs July 1 - August 92:30pm - 4:45pmMWFAlissa Bans
Lab ComponentJuly 1 - August 912:00am - 12:00amAlissa Bans
POLS110: Introduction to International Relations4hrs July 1 - August 910:00am - 11:20amM-FDan Reiter
THEA120: Acting: Fundamentals3hrs July 1 - August 92:30pm - 4:45pmMWFMary Lynn Owen
THEA340 (ONLINE): Arts Writing & Criticism3hrs July 1 - August 94:00pm - 5:30pmTuThLydia Fort