Two-Week Noncredit Courses

** All courses shown are for summer 2017. Course list will be available mid-December with app cycle opening early January 2018. **

The Emory Pre-College Program offers a diverse selection of two-week non-credit courses in a variety of disciplines. Students will experience college-level academics in a small class setting with some of Emory's leading experts in their respective fields and will receive written feedback on their work at the end of the course. Pre-College students will also receive a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program.

All non-credit courses meet from 9:00-11:30am daily and may have additional requirements (excursions, film viewings, etc.) in the afternoons or evenings. In addition to their coursework, each Pre-College student will participate in College 101 sessions which are held in the afternoons (read more here).

Students may only register for one Pre-College course per two-week session, but we do welcome students to enroll in multiple courses in consecutive sessions.

Session A

An Introduction to Business: Essential Concepts for ExecutivesJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FJamieTurner
Current Concepts in Sports MedicineJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FJoanReed
Dramatic Writing for the Screen and StageJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FJirehHoler
Infectious Diseases: Causes and CuresJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FNateJacobs
Introduction to NeuroscienceJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FJasonShepard
Law and LitigationJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FAaronKirk
Media and Politics after the 2016 ElectionJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FAndraGillespie
Medical MicrobiologyJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FJasmineClark
Pre-Med Studies: The Anatomy of MovementJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FThomasAbelew
Writing Workshop: Representing Yourself through Personal Essays, Blogs, and CorrespondenceJune 17 - June 309:00am - 11:30amM-FBelleeJones-Pierce

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Session B

Cancer: The Biology Behind The DiseaseJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FEmilySummerbell
Cognitive PsychologyJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FJasonShepard
Economics: Principles and Current IssuesJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FGordonStreeb
Global Health Leadership in the 21st CenturyJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FHelen Baker and Blake McGee
Social PsychologyJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FGloriaFaboyede
The Neuroscience of Brain EnhancementJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FMichaelCrutcher
Writing Workshop: Representing Yourself through Personal Essays, Blogs, and CorrespondenceJuly 1 - July 149:00am - 11:30amM-FBelleeJones-Pierce

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Session C

Cancer: The Biology Behind the DiseaseJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FEmilySummerbell
Developmental PsychologyJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FElizabethKim
Forensics: Violence and Crime in US Public Health July 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FTrishaSheridan
Insights into Advertising and PromotionJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FReshmaShah
Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and PoetryJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FEmilyLeithauser
Medical MicrobiologyJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FJasmineClark
Neuroscience and Health BehaviorJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FKeithEasterling
World Inequality and Global PovertyJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FKali-Ahset Amen
Writing the Personal EssayJuly 15 - July 289:00am - 11:30amM-FWilliamGruber

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