Two-Week Noncredit Courses

*Courses are for summer 2019 and subject to change for 2020. Updated course list will be available in December.

The Emory Pre-College Program offers a diverse selection of two-week non-credit courses in a variety of disciplines. Students will experience college-level academics in a small class setting with some of Emory's leading experts in their respective fields and will receive written feedback on their work at the end of the course. Pre-College students will also receive a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program.

All non-credit courses meet from 9:00-11:30am daily and may have additional requirements (excursions, film viewings, etc.) in the afternoons or evenings. In addition to their coursework, each Pre-College student will participate in College 101 sessions which are held in the afternoons (read more here).

What are you interested in? Global Issues, Medicine, Psychology, the Arts? We can help. We have a Course Guide here to help you decide which course to choose.

Contact us if you need more assistance.


Remember, students may only register for one Pre-College course per two-week session, but we do welcome students to enroll in multiple courses in consecutive sessions.

Session A

Cultural PsychologyJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FCynthia Guo
Developmental PsychologyJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FElizabeth Kim
Evolutionary BiologyJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FJacobus de Roode
Law and Legal PracticeJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FAaron Kirk
Marketing Essentials for Young ExecutivesJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FJamie Turner
Medical MicrobiologyJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FJasmine Clark
Pre-Med Studies: The Anatomy of MovementJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FThomas Abelew
Sports MedicineJune 16 - June 299:00am - 11:30amM-FJoan Reed

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Session B

Cancer: The Biology Behind The DiseaseJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FEmily Summerbell
Economics: Principles and Current IssuesJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FGordon Streeb
Forensics: Violence and Crime in US Public HealthJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FTrisha Sheridan
Global Health LeadershipJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FHelen Baker
Infectious Diseases: Causes and CuresJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FKatherine Bricker
Introduction to Business: Essential Concepts for Young ExecutivesJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FJamie Turner
Social PsychologyJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FJessica Barber
The Neuroscience of Brain EnhancementJune 30 - July 139:00am - 11:30amM-FMichael Crutcher

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Session C

Abnormal PsychologyJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FMeeka Maier
Antibiotic Resistance: Issues and SolutionsJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FEdgar Sherman
Cancer: The Biology Behind the DiseaseJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FEmily Summerbell
Computational Thinking and Programming with Python and Turtle GraphicsJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FDavide Fossati
Introduction to Branding and MarketingJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FBrad Taylor
Introduction to Feminist Theory and PracticeJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FSumita Chakraborty
Medical MicrobiologyJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FJasmine Clark
The Biology of Animal BehaviorJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FDonna McDermott
Writing for College SuccessJuly 14 - July 279:00am - 11:30amM-FKathleen Leuschen

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