Course Interest Guide


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Pre-College Courses

Emory Majors/Minors

Global Issues

Community Building

Global Health Leadership

Sociology; Political Science; Community Building and Social Change; Global Health, Culture, and Society; African American Studies; American Studies; International Studies; Environmental Sciences



Pre-Health Professional Studies

Biological Sciences


Pre-Med Studies: The Anatomy of Movement
Cancer: The Biology Behind the Science
Sports Medicine
Medical Microbiology
Infectious Diseases: Causes and Cures
Infectious Diseases Institute
Forensics: Violence and Crime in US Public Health
Evolutionary Biology
Antibiotic Resistence
Animal Behavior
The Chemistry of Water

Biology; Chemistry; Nutrition Science; Nursing; Human Health; Predictive Health; Anthropology and Human Biology



Social Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Developmental Psychology
The Neuroscience of Brain Enhancement
Cultural Psychology
Psychology; Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology; Biology; Pre-Health Studies




Computer Science

Law and Litigation
Insights into Advertising and Promotion
Introduction to Business: Essential Concepts for Executives
Introduction to Branding and Marketing
Economics: Principles and Current Issues
Computational Thinking and Programming

Political Science; Economics, Pre-Law and Pre-Business; Quantitative Sciences; International Studies; Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Computer Science
Creative Writing and the Arts Writing for College Success English; Creative Writing; Film and Media Studies; Arts Management; Comparative Literature; Theater Studies