Creative Funding Opportunities


Below is a list of the organizations and foundations that the Emory Pre-College Program has partnered with during the past five years. Some of these foundations work with high school students only from the community where the foundation is located. Others work broadly, referring and recommending students from throughout the US.

We value our engagement with these groups. They offer both financial support and ongoing relationships to their high-achieving young scholars, giving advice, support and assistance to students and their families through the Pre-College application process. These relationships enable qualified students to make informed choices from our broad array of courses and to immerse themselves fully in the college life and academics of Emory.

Achievement First (CT, NY, RI)
Freedom Preparatory Academy - by referral only
Graduation Generation
Jack Kent Cook Foundation
Joyce Ivy Foundation
Minds Matter
Noble Network (Chicago Area)
OSSE (District of Columbia)
REACH Memphis
Schuler Scholar Program
Success Academies
Summer Search
Wishbone (limited to students living in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles)


Students have also shared with us many ideas they've used for grassroots fundraising campaigns of their own. Here are some suggestions:

  • Conduct letter writing drives to friends, family, employers, local businesses and churches.
  • Use social media to spread the word.
  • Research civic organizations, such as Rotary and Kiwanis, to see what opportunities these groups may offer for support.
  • Check with your school's student clubs and consider modeling activities they use to raise money.


With great effort and planning, students can raise monetary contributions through websites designed to help obtain funds actively online with great success.  Sharing your story and why the program is important to you will encourage others, including those you don¿t know, to support your mission.  It is highly recommended that you start early and remember to share your fundraising efforts with all your friends and family. Be sure to consistently use social media to spread the word. (Specifically for students with fundraising missions)


In any of these efforts...

  • State your purpose to make it clear to others;
  • Draft a statement explaining your long-term academic/career goals and why you believe Emory's Pre-College Program will help you achieve them;
  • Describe the Pre-College course you hope to take, along with sharing our website address and program information;
  • State the amount you wish to raise and the progress you've made in your campaign;
  • And, always remember to write a thank-you note when you receive a donation.

The central motivating idea that we hear repeatedly from students and their families is that there is no one magic formula. But a combination of creativity and effort will often yield positive results. Once students move past their initial hesitation to ask, they find that people, organizations and communities are remarkably willing to join them in their mission to make Pre-College happen.