Scholarship/Financial Aid

Click here to access the Pre-College Financial Aid Application.  It is pdf form that requires a signature.

Preferred Financial Aid Application deadline: May 1

Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Financial aid in not available to international students. Applicants must complete and submit all admission materials including the $70 applicaton fee.  Applicants must complete the 2019 Pre-College financial aid application, and submit your parent's 2018 tax returns with it. The financial aid application and tax returns may accompany the admission materials or they may be mailed or emailed separately to the Emory Pre-College Program. 

Basis of awards - need or merit-based:
Emory attracts academically motivated and qualified students. We recognize the need for scholarship funds for high school students interested in academic study during the summer. However, due to limited funds available, awards will be primarily based on demonstrated financial need and academic merit will be a secondary consideration. Your financial aid application will be reviewed and your academic record, including grade point average, test scores, and faculty/guidance counselor recommendation will be taken into consideration.

Unsure of eligiblity based on income:
Financial aid is limited. Partial scholarships may be awarded to those students who demonstrate need and qualify for available funds. Awards may be offered to students and families who demonstrate financial need based on income, household size, cost of attendance and information reported and verified on the Pre-College Program financial aid application. In any case, please note the partial scholarship will not cover the entire program costs.

Award amounts:
Awards range between $500 and $1500, depending upon need and academic merit. Awards will not cover the full program cost.

Notification of Award:
Financial aid will be determined upon acceptance into the Pre-College Program. Notification of your award amount will be by email.

Emory employee Courtesy Scholarship:
Emory employees who qualify for the courtesy scholarship benefit may apply that discount towards the six-week credit tuition of their child/dependent. The courtesy scholarship benefit does not apply to two-week noncredit courses. Employees should consult Emory Human Resources to find out if they qualify for a courtesy benefit. 

Creative Funding Opportunities:
Click here to learn more about ways to raise money for the Emory Pre-College Program.

Need more information? Email or call 404-727-0671.