What People Are Saying

Here's What Students are Saying About the Emory Pre-College Program:

“It is an ideal trial of what being in college is really like.”

“I really enjoyed taking a Pre-College Course at Emory. It was a very valuable experience for me. I was able to experience what a college class was truly like, and also got a feel for campus life. Emory really has a beautiful campus.”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, my Pre-College experience was an 11!”

"The best two weeks of my life."

“An amazing experience. I’m a much better writer than I was before and now I know what a college class is like, and how much you’re on your own in college.”


And Here's What Parents are Saying:

"My son just completed the Pre-College Program. The entire program is absolutely amazing. He really connected with Professor Lechner’s method of instruction. My son tells me that because of Professor Lechner’s class, he has an even greater appreciation of how the global economy operates. My son simply cannot stop talking about the program and about Emory. The academic and social aspects of the Pre-College Program are exceptional."

“When you send your kids away, you are entrusting a school with the most precious person in your life. The Emory Pre-College Program staff takes that job seriously.”

“A very well-planned program. Two weeks is just the right length of time to get a taste of life in college and a great introduction to Emory.”

“I was incredibly pleased by the caliber of the faculty working with the program.”

“It was a life-changing experience for my child. He made many friends and it gave him the confidence and motivation to aim higher.”

“Emory ‘s Pre-College Program provides a perfect academic and on-campus college experience for serious college-bound high school students.”

”This was a very positive experience for my daughter. Also, and most importantly, because of the fact that Emory faculty was involved. Many pre-college programs have outside instruction rather than their own faculty.”

“Our son loved it so much he wants to apply to Emory. It could not have been better.”

“I only have positive remarks about the program and the staff and students that organized the two-week course. Everyone was professional and caring. My son came home with fond memories and with a stronger desire to work harder at school.”

“My son liked it so much he stated that when he had children - he would make them go.”