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Sending mail

Emergency protocols

Important contact numbers


Sending Mail

Students may receive mail at the following address:

Student's Name
Emory University Pre-College Program
Candler Library, Suite 200
Mailstop: 1580-002-2AH
550 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322

Note: We recommend shipping items via UPS or FedEx because USPS items are shipped to our central mail distribution center on campus and it may take approximately five business days to receive.

Emergency Protocols

The Emory Pre-College Program Residence Life staff follows the Emory CEPAR (Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response) protocols.  If an emergency occurs, CEPAR sends instructions to the campus community, usually via text message or email.  Then, the Campus Life Professional on-call (CLP) along with other campus life administrators respond based on instructions. In addition to the CLP, the RA on-call and CEPAR, our staff also works closely with Emory Police and Emory Hospital. Emory Residence Life undergraduate student staff members undergo comprehensive training and are supervised by full-time Emory Residence Life professionals.  We maintain an RA (resident assistant) to student ratio of 1:10, and Pre-College students travel off-campus only under the supervision of our staff. 

Matriculated Emory Pre-College students are required to enter their cell phone number and carrier when they first log into OPUS.  This number will then receive a test message with any campus alerts that CEPAR sends out.  Click here for more information on Emory's Emergency Notification System and "Just in Time" policies.

Important Contact Numbers

Here is a list of numbers that students or parents might need during the Pre-College Program.  Please try to determine which number to use based on your question or issue.

Department Purpose Phone Number

Pre-College Admin Office - Admitted Students

Students with last name A - L 404-727-9279
Pre-College Admin Office - Admitted Students Students with last name M - Z 404-727-3351
Pre-College Admin Office Housing, tuition payment, financial aid Staff Contact Information
Emory Card Photo submission questions, lost Emory Card 404-727-6095, Option 2
Emory Student Technology Support Assistance with OPUS Login (student must call) 404-727-7777
Financial Services Deposit and bill pay in OPUS 404-727-6095, Option 1
Student Health Services Immunization questions 404-727-7551
Registrar Transcript requests 404-727-6042

In the event of an emergency, please call the number listed below. Be sure to inform whomever you speak with that you are trying to get an emergency message to someone in the Pre-College Program. State the student's name and that he or she is in staying in Hamilton-Holmes or Turman Hall.

Emory Police: (404) 727-6111  Anytime between Midnight and 9:00 a.m.